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PLEASE HELP US to stamp out the illegal use of Fish Aggregated Devices (FADs)

As most of you already know, we became very passionate about the oceans as a result of our love of scuba diving and taking part in a marine conservation project in 2008. We are now keen to take advantage of our travels around Europe to help The Black Fish gather evidence of illegal use of Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) in the Southern Italy.  

What are the issues?

FADs are the hidden killers of ocean life. They are constructed from old plastic containers, bottles and vegetation to create a shadow on the surface of the water, around which small fish gather as they seek shelter. Fisherman use so-called purse seine nets to catch these fish. This technique creates many serious issues in our oceans:

  • Juvenile fish are targeted, so already heavily overfished species do not get a chance to reproduce
  • Larger fish, such as sea turtles, sunfish and sharks, are attracted to FADs too – so are caught as bycatch
  • FADs contribute to the already alarming level of pollution in our seas. The plastic containers do not biodegrade and chemicals leak from containers.
  • The devices are a navigational hazard for other boats as they become easily entangled in ship’s propellers   

What will we be doing to help?

In cooperation with the Italian Coastguard, The Black Fish ensures that fishermen are educated about the illegality of their actions.  With the help of volunteers like us, otherwise known as Citizen Inspectors, those who set the FADs regardless will face prosecution.

Watch this video to see what we will be doing!

We've been trained as volunteer Citizen Inspectors to carry out undercover inspections of fishing ports to determine who is constructing and deploying the illegal FADs. This summer we will spend 10 days in Southern Italy committed to helping with the project – and we need your valuable help.

Why are we asking for your help?

The Black Fish is still a relatively small, but extremely effective, organisation. There are no professional fundraisers, so volunteers like us are encouraged to collectively raise funds by reaching out to our friends, family and anyone who feels passionately about protecting ocean life. Up to 75% of the costs for investigations can be raised through crowdfunding.

We have been asked to raise £350 each (so £700 in total - 960 Euros), for our accommodation (which will be communal and basic!), vegan food and project necessities for 10 days. We will pay our own travel to Italy.

By contributing to our crowdfunding appeal you will become vital part of the project. The Black Fish team will keep you updated on our progress and in turn, you will hopefully feel a stronger sense of ownership over the work that we are helping with.

A huge thank you in advance for your valuable support.

Libby & Andy

GOAL: €960.00
€1,510.00 raised

We are currently travelling around the UK and Europe in a VERY small campervan and are now trained volunteer Citizen Inspectors for The Black Fish - a fantastic organisation working to end illegal fishing.