The Black Fish Network

Crowdfunding: how it works

Crowdfunding is a process whereby many different people make small contributions to collectively help fund and realise projects. The Black Fish is a movement of ordinary people wishing to make a difference for the protection of the oceans.

The #OceanCrowd is a platform that enables anyone to start a profile, set a target and get fundraising for The Black Fish. This way friends from around the world make our work possible while we allow them to make direct contributions to concrete projects.


5 golden tips for a successful crowdfunder

1. What are you raising money for? Decide beforehand exactly what you are raising funds for and what your target is, so people know what concrete difference their contributions can make. The more realistic the target and the more concrete the outcome, the more successful your crowdfunder is likely to be. Not sure what The Black Fish needs money for exactly? Contact us first and find out, we have many exciting ideas.

2. Be sure to give back. What's on offer to your supporters? A personal thank you can go a long way. A signed card in the post, a special engraving of their name on the equipment they help purchase for The Black Fish? There are many possibilities. Be sure to include it on your page. Don't worry about buying presents, a personal and creative thank you is appreciated by everyone.

3. Spark the imagination. Come up with a catchy title and be sure to keep your description text brief and to the point, while still being descriptive and complete. Spark people's imagination of what difference their small contribution is going to make to the survival of our oceans.

4. Make it stimulating. Add a picture or video of yourself in action. Be creative, individual and grab your page visitors' attention for the issues and why they should support you. Need help with your page? Don't hesitate to get in touch with us before you get everyone else involved!

5. Tell the world! You simply have to draw in everyone in your small (or big) world. Send out a group email, call your mom, tweet your followers, write a letter to your grandfather, give a presentation to your colleagues during lunch, share with your friends the reason why they should contribute. Don't be put off by an initial radio silence, it will take repeated posts and reminders for everyone to see you're serious and worth giving to. Keep it civil, explain the importance of the crowdfunder to those close to you and get your friends and family inspired to get involved.

We think you're amazing for being involved. Good luck!